Paulina i Łukasz

The magnificent two and… the most persistent :). We have an interview with Paulina Rybicka (you can find her on Instagram as @inka_ntevole) co-leading Trip in Warsaw 22-23.10.2016 and Łukasz Budny, widely known as @buudu – the man who’s always well-dressed. Paulina and Łukasz will tell us, among other things, where they got the idea on Instagram, what they like to photograph and what is their (or not) favourite picture.

(Both gave this interview during the second edition of MPT)*


Paulina i Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Maybe this time we will start unusually … 😉 Tell us a few words about yourself and how did your Instagram story begin?

Paulina Rybicka: I live in Warsaw, I like to photograph this city very much because is unique and changes very quickly. My favourite place is the space at the Vistula River, where spring and summer are full of life. I’ve been posting photos on Instagram for about two years now, but I can not define my style :).

Łukasz BudnyI do not have much in common with photography. I have already created my Instagram account some time ago, but I had not published my first photo until the end of October 2015. This application was initially very negative association for me. I thought that Instagram was a place where you can see only selfies, spouts and various dishes from bars and restaurants. I got crazy when I noticed that before eating a meal, first I need is to take a picture of it… I was thinking – why is anybody interested in what am I eating???

I uploaded my first photo only for a test … I wanted to see how that app works and what actually people admire. I chose the photo, edited it (somehow), added a few tags and went … I added more photos and more and more and I was bitten by the Instagram bug 😉 I thought it’s a nice hobby, something new for me and you can still get a “like” 😉


Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

You both were on almost every trip in the first and the second edition, but where all this story began was Bytom (in November 2015). Do you remember this trip in a special way?

Paulina Rybicka: I have good memories of Bytom. It was the first in a series of fantastic meetings. I was going home in a train full of Legia Warszawa football fans returning from the football game – it was very funny and I gained even new followers :).


Paulina [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Łukasz Budny: For me, the story is a bit longer. One day a friend, known as @oziozdoba, told me that there is a group of people who take pictures with their phones and organize a meeting in Bytom. Maybe we would join the team? I did not think for so long, I filled in the form and strangely – I got invited! I totally didn’t know of what to expect, what kind of people they are, what we will do. A cold morning in Bytom, the first people come to the meeting place – here is my first surprise … I am not the oldest! I’m not the youngest either! We shyly moved into the city. I watched what was happening and what others were doing, because I did not really take pictures before. And there came a moment when people took out the phone and just started photographing … the things that I wouldn’t have photographed, because I “did not see” them, did not impress me or interested me. I understood, that you can take a pictures of everything and they can be a good pictures! The first persons met, the first sentences mentioned (about ourselves, about life, about photography… I didn’t even notice when the day passed and it was time to go home. I thought that it would be nice to take part in another meeting. I was unsatisfied that I could not talk to every participant, that I did not use that day and meet until the end, just as I wanted. Fortunately, I was invited to take part in another trip in Radom. Partially, people were known, some new faces appeared, but it was just like the last time … we just walked into the city with smiles on the faces, talking about everything. And there were more trips…

Have any of your Trips been particularly memorable?

Paulina Rybicka: All trips were exceptional – I met a lot of nice people and had the opportunity to visit some Polish cities; I rarely travelled around Poland before. From the first edition I liked the best trip in Wroclaw, especially the tour of the climate district, known as “Bermuda Triangle”, which Mariola Dobosiewicz (@mariola_do) spoke wonderfully.

Łukasz Budny: I was always happy when I got an e-mail with an invitation to the trip, because I knew it was another chance to meet new people, to have a nice time, to visit cities that I probably would not and finally to take pictures that I personally treat as a souvenir of every trip. With a clear conscience I can say that Mobile Photo Trip has become a kind of addiction for me, I could not wait for the next trip and the next one. At one point I noticed that I was driving more for people than for photos, but that’s probably what it’s all about. Of course, the pictures are also important, but for me personally the phenomenon of these meetings are the relations between the participants. We live in different parts of the country (or of the world), we are from all ages, we do different professions. Often, the participants travel a lot of kilometers to meet with others for a day or two and make a few souvenir photos – amazing! Because every trip is different, it’s hard to choose the one that I liked the most. People who are involved in organizing these trips do a good job and hats off to them!


Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Thank you, Łukasz! We’re talking about Trips, but let’s get back to you now. Is there any picture that you can call a favorite? Related to what you like best to photograph or close to you for another reason?

Paulina Rybicka: Photographing has become my daily passion, but still I can not choose one favorite photo. For sure, I can say that my favorite subject of the pictures are abandoned places, with history and special cilmate. People who follow my profile also know that I can not resist posting pictures of my dog ​​Promyk. Although I’m not a fan of publishing pictures of beloved dogs or cats on Instagram, I do it myself – I fight with myself, but I do not always succeed. 😉

Łukasz Budny: Similarly with my favorite photo – I am not able to point this out. My gallery is characterized by a peculiar lack of style and consistency – I take pictures of what I am interested in. Once the photos are more, sometimes less successful, but looking at my previous photos I see that the subject and style of shooting has slightly evolved – thanks to Trips, observations of other mobilephotographers and advices given by them.

The first meetings of the second edition of MPT – Katowice and Warsaw – are ahead of us. Do any of them arouse your particular curiosity? Or maybe – just like during the first edition – you will be able to be (almost) everyone?

Paulina Rybicka: For me, a special meeting it was of course Trip in Warsaw. As a guide, I was hoping that the guests would come back here a little in love with the capital and I think it worked :). I am happy and I hope that the participants also. A lot of great pictures have been made, I especially like those from Prague, which probably have not been so beautifully photographed for a long time. In Praga you can feel the atmosphere of old, pre-war tenement houses and courtyards, but there are also beautiful murals, galleries and clubs. In Warsaw only few similar places have survived, and Prague is so unique. I am delighted with these photos. Mirek Górski (@squarepoet) made a great series of portraits of Prague residents, I think it’s a great idea. I can only complain about the weather – thankfully, at least on the second Trip’s day did not rain. As for participation in the second edition meetings – the time will show – the first two are already passed :).


Paulina [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]

Łukasz Budny: Will I be on every Trip? I do not know, but I’m sure – my willingness is. First of all, thanks for the opportunity to participate in previous trips, memories will be for the rest of my life! I recommend, of course, everyone – sign up and go !! You will not regret it!

Ps: Who would think that I was so “anti” oriented to Instagram and photos posted on it…


Thank you !!!

*editor’s note ?

You can find Paulina and Łukasz’s pictures here:

Paulina i Łukasz [fot. Damian Kostka @free3hands]