The passion needs reality…

… or how we do what we care about. How to get out of the digital box and meet people who are the part of your passion.

The passion needs reality…

This idea was born in 2015…

We were friends from one of the social networks, we presented our photos there (mainly those made by phone), we talked about them, we were delighted with the works of other featured photographers. The natural course of things was the desire to meet in real life and do something together. Something that united us, what we could experience together and create together. Something photographic…

The first meeting of Mobile Photo Trip took place in November 2015 in Bytom, Poland. Today, we are preparing for the 4th edition of these meetings. It turns out that Mobile Photo Trip is an excellent formula for those who already know that the phone can make excellent and inspirational photos, but also for those who are ready to see it for themselves.

this is all behind us





The goals of our meetings are carried out in a way “by the way”. When organizing our first trips we did not assume anything. Today we know what we have achieved and what we want to continue. Mobile photography is a very dynamic phenomenon. In order to keep up with this dynamics we should be open to continuous learning and new experiences. And as the man learns best through action – each trip is an opportunity for us to acquire new knowledge and new skills. We learn from each other – the way of looking, the capabilities of our smartphone cameras, photo editing in various applications. We also teach others, also “by the way” – seeing a good picture you want to take a good photo.

Mobile Photo Trip also has a wider dimension, not only connected with our own development or with the promotion of mobile photography. Each of our meetings is an opportunity to get to know new places – popular cities, but also those that are a little smaller, a bit forgotten, maybe less appreciated. For the openness of local hosts and institutions, we return as best we can – showing in the social media the beautiful, interesting, unique character of the cities we visit. There is no better promotion.

In our activities, we are still going further and we still want to try something new. From this need came the idea of ​​organizing the first mobile photography festival Yes I’m Mobile in Poland (perhaps also in Europe). Let’s show our skills, let’s see art, get to know artists, learn something new, get to know each other!

Let’s meet at Yes I’m Mobile!

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