Hello mobile world

Sooooo… Ladies and Gentleman, here is the blog which we were planning to start writing at some undefined point in the future. As time goes by, the right time to begin has come.

We will be writing about the most important for us things – about our photo trips and about the first mobile photography festival in Poland. We will present you the photographic profiles of our friends, provide information and news from the world of mobile photography, show you where and why we had to travel around the world. We have a general concept, but you know how it is in life – panta rhei;)

We also want to be in touch with you and read your comments, because nobody writes a blog for themselves.

So? Will you stay here with us?

(This blog is the result of a teamwork and cooperation of Mobile Photo Trip members, but the posts will be written by Aga Grzesło @agnieszka.grzeslo and Łukasz Budny @buudu).